How Can AMR Help?

We believe the strength and success of an association is directly related to the strength and success of its governing body – the Board.  Creating a leadership culture that allows for the ability to be a strong, governing board (versus a working board) is a key element to an association’s strength and success, especially in today’s challenging environment.  As a volunteer board member, the responsibility to help guide the mission and future direction of the association rests with them and their ability to lead.  To assist our clients in the area of board governance, we have developed the following as part of our management services for all clients:


Governance Overview & Orientation

Leadership/Governance Capacity Building

Leadership and governance is about flexibility and change.  Often times stuck in operational issues, managing events and other projects for the membership, Boards can lose sight of what is needed in order to focus on the future sustainability of the organization.  Capacity-building in governance can be a matter of survival for an organization.

Partnering with a governance consultant to develop and teach a curriculum that would redefine and improve the leadership/governance practiced by current clients, AMR provides the following expanded support in the training of Board members:



As part of the annual Board orientation process, AMR works with Board leadership to customize a 3-4 hour presentation entitled “Defining our Governing Path”.  Topics covered include individual board member responsibilities, fiduciary duties, hierarchy of documents, discussion on what is governance, role of the governing board, skills necessary to govern, behaviors that demonstrate accountability, recommended meeting agenda and creating a proactive future.