Board Succession Planning

Where will the leaders of tomorrow come from? Is the nominating committee finding it increasingly more difficult to recruit quality board members? In today’s environment, nominating committee results impact:

  • Sustainability for the organization
  • Following through on a strategic path
  • Strength and credibility of the organization, both internally and externally
  • Results that make a public statement about morale in your profession or industry

Both elected and appointed boards need to consider how to maintain quality board membership that will allow the organization to sustain a practice of good governance, which opens the door to operational innovation and functioning at high-performance levels. Traditional practice by a nominating committee sets short-term recruitment goals with little energy dedicated to the long term strategic leadership path of the organization.

In the 21st century, the association environment is calling for strategic solutions to developing board leadership. Through board succession planning, you will come to understand the importance and the “how to’s” of creating a pipeline of leadership that can be tapped for strategic nominations to the board.


Extraordinary Board Training Workshop

Does your board make any distinction between being a “working board” and a “governing board”? Is your board wrapped up in operational issues such as managing events or other projects for the membership? Do you think there is more your board could be doing to help the organization move towards its strategic goals? Are your current and incoming chairs ready to run efficient and effective meetings, engaging the whole board in thinking about and preparing for the future?

This workshop is targeted for the organization’s top Board leaders as well as those in the leadership pipeline and association staff. It is highly recommended that the Chief Staff Executive (Executive Director) attend the workshop with their volunteer leaders!


Workshop Outcomes

Created for board members and incoming board members, this interactive presentation will:

  • Focus on the role and duties of board leaders
  • Discuss the rules of engagement between the board and staff
  • Provide the necessary tools for process facilitation
  • Analyze how to define your governing process

It is offered three times a year, and AMR clients are encouraged to participate.