How will AMR Help My Event?

To outsource or not to outsource?  If you find yourself with overextended staff or volunteers and shrinking budgets, outsourcing can be the answer.


Reasons to outsource:

Bring valuable experience to the planning process – gain from the creativity and knowledge base that exists as a result of planning other conferences and events;

Save money – leverage established relationships for significant buying power that cut costs for hotels, audio/visual companies, pipe and drape companies, food and beverage etc.; focus on controlling expenses through budget development and financial management;

Save time – you select the dates, approve the site and leave the details up to the experts; allows you to focus and concentrate on the strategic instead of tactical issues for your organization and/or association;

Integrated Resources – we coordinate all of your needs through one experienced company alleviating the need for you to manage several different suppliers, contractors, or other service providers.

Act as an extension – not a replacement – we act as an extension of your staff, or volunteer organization, to provide an increased level of expertise, service and support that would not be available otherwise.  When your event is executed flawlessly, comes in under budget, produces a significant return on investment and creates a memorable experience that everyone talks about, everyone wins!

Provides consistency – from one year to the next.  This is especially important when cultivating relationships with sponsors, exhibitors, and advertisers for your event.

Provides event technology expertise – From event registration to social media marketing, seamless selection, organization and management of the core content, attendee pre-event communication to on-site mobile event apps and interactive features (polling, voting, feedback), an experienced event planning company will have done the research and be able to recommend solutions that make sense and will work for your event.