Why Choose AMR Over Other Options?

AMR as your AMC or dedicated staff:

More of today’s enlightened boards of directors are selecting the shared management and staffing approach, to achieve savings compared to what it takes for an association to fund its own office and dedicated staff. In addition to the financial impact, organizations select the AMC option to:

1. Eliminate employer headaches and liabilities,
2. Increase access to highly skilled and professional staff (maintain regular professional development),
3. Maintain consistency (volunteers and board members come and go),
4. Gain financial management and oversight (to assist your Treasurer and Board),
5. Eliminate the need for large capital investment in equipment, software, etc. or long-term leases,
6. Share overhead costs (rent, insurance, utilities, technology, building maintenance, staff benefits),
7. Share overall buying power (no matter what your size), and
8. Still maintain a separate and distinct identity.

AMR over another AMC:

AMR has successfully been in operation for over 20 years. We believe this success has been built on the following strengths:

1. Sound, ethical core values.
2. Our core focus has been association management which has resulted in successful programs, processes and best practices being developed through continued training and collective years of experience.
3. Sound financial management systems and oversight that work to stabilize, and maintain, financial operations.
4. Access to programs that assist our client Board of Directors with the opportunity to create a leadership culture that allows for the ability to be a strong, governing board (versus a working board) through improved board governance practices.
5. Experienced, trained staff – professional development for all employees is encouraged! We value the attainment of certification in our industry (CAE and/or CMP)!
6. Experience and success in the development of member communication and growth strategies.
7. The benefit of combined buying power (i.e., printing costs, supplies, hotel contracts, telephone charges, etc.).
8. AMR’s experience and success in meeting management that has led to efficient, cost-effective, and highly successful events for our clients for over 20 years.
9. Knowledge and years of experience gained in managing associations in several industries: healthcare, technology, education and retail.